About Cindy

As the current Majority Leader of the Massachusetts State Senate, I am proud to advocate for the priorities of my district.
My family settled in Brookline, where I attended the Runkle School and graduated from Brookline High. I earned my undergraduate degree in Business Administration and my law degree from Boston University. It was there I met my future husband, Harvey Creem, who was born and raised in neighboring Newton. Together we quickly made Newton home, and both our children graduated from Newton South. Today we are fortunate to live near our son and his family in Newton Corner.

I was first elected to local office, serving on the Newton Board of Aldermen (now City Council) before being elected to the state Governor’s Council, where I helped evaluate candidates for judicial appointment. In 1998, I campaigned successfully for the State Senate, championing community issues of education, health care, civil rights and civil liberties, and environmental policies.

Now I am the Senate Majority Leader, and I continue to work collaboratively to advance the priorities of my district: excellent public education for all, moving away from fossil fuels, adopting election day registration, protecting social media privacy, and more.

Even as we make progress, however, so many challenges remain. I look forward to continuing in the Senate because I believe I can make a truly substantive difference in effecting good public policy.