About Cindy

family-photoI am proud to serve in the Massachusetts State Senate, representing Newton, Brookline, and Wellesley (A,C,D,E,H).

My family settled in Brookline before I was born, and I went to the Runkle School and graduated from Brookline High.  I attended Boston University, where I earned my undergraduate degree in business administration and my law degree from this venerable institution.  It was there I met my future husband, Harvey Creem, born and raised in neighboring Newton. Together we quickly made Newton home, and our children graduated from Newton South. Today we live in Newton Centre near our son and his family.

I ran first for local office, serving on the Newton Board of Aldermen (which I chaired in 1995-6) before being elected to the state Governor’s Council where I helped evaluate candidates for state judicial appointment. In 1998, I campaigned successfully for the State Senate, championing community issues of education, environmental policies, health care, civil rights and civil liberties that have made the 1st Middlesex and Norfolk district stand out.

Now serving my ninth term, I can take credit for working diligently to enact major legislative reforms, including changes to business taxes to make them fairer and less onerous to small businesses, significant reforms to criminal justice policies, expanded civil rights and womens’s rights protections, and a food allergy law that increases safety for the public.  And, this session, my bill to increase the Earned Income Tax Credit finally gained traction from the Governor and others and I am proud to say that we have now increased this benefit for poor working families.

As an Assistant Majority Leader in the Senate, I continue to lead on criminal justice reforms.  Senate President Stan Rosenberg appointed me to work with the national Council on State Governments Task Force to develop a major progressive overhaul of our sentencing guidelines. I am looking forward to this important challenge, but reaching consensus will not be easy. We need to comprehensively revamp what is not working, and instead institute policies that protect public safety while making families and communities stronger.

Even as we make progress, the challenges continue. I look forward to continuing my service because I believe I can make a truly substantive difference in effecting good public policy.